Backend alternatives for Ionic application

Almost every ionic app has a server-side communication. There are a wide variety of backend solutions you can use to do this.

Nowdays we have at least these solutions:

  • Completely custom backend with PHP/Ruby/Python/NodeJS and your favorite framework
  • Use ‘backend as service’ solution like Firebase or CosmicJS

I want to speak about the CosmicJS – this is truly amazing ‘backend as service’ solution. It allows you to setup your backend entities in the same way as you’re creating classes in your app – you’re creating an entity template once and than reuse it so much time as you want. I was very impressed with this solution, so I recommend you to give it a try. The best way to try it with Ionic is to perform a walkthrough with my article on Cosmic JS blog – How to Build a Mobile Product Catalog App Using Angular JS, Ionic and Cosmic JS

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