How to create the restaurant app with Ionic framework

Building a restaurant mobile application is quite often task, so it’s better to have some ready-to-use code, which can be customized to fit each particular client needs. What typical restaurant mobile app should include:
1. Menu
2. Products list
3. News feed
4. Post an order for delivery
5. Push notifications
6. Coupon codes
7. Online payment
Sounds like a lot of work!

But we have a solution. Use a restaurant delivery mobile app ionic starter just for $69/app and save a huge amount of time for development of both app and backend.

Using this started, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Setup the backend. Backend is made with Laravel PHP framework, so you just have to follow my Laravel Application Digital Ocean setup tutorial.

2. Apply customizations to the app. Nobody knows which customizations will you need, but I can help you with bringing Ionic project up and running.

3. Setup push notifications. Starter uses service, which makes work with push notifications easy. Checkout my Push Notifications with OneSignal for your Ionic app tutorial, it covers everything you need to setup them. Once setup will be done, just set you OneSignal credentials in the ‘settings’ tab of bundled app backend.

4. Setup payment gateways. Everything you need is to specify the API keys in backend control panel and choose environment (Sandbox/Live) in order.ts component.

5. Publish to AppStore and/or Google Play. This can be done in the same way as any other Ionic app.

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