How to update Ionic 2 cli and libraries


The old version of Ionic had the straightforward update tool, it was enough just to run ionic lib update and it was just done. But this method no more works With Ionic 2.

Learn how to update the Ionic 2 cli and libraries.

First of all, we’ll need to upgrade the cli, it’s easy:

Than we need to get the newer package versions (with already resolved dependencies) with a simple command:

It will return list like the following:


Now you’ll need to open your package.json file (in the project root) with your favorite editor and change the package versions as in the ‘Latest’ column of output.

Than everything you’ll need to do, is just to run:

That’s it! You just got all the packages and cli up to date!

2 thoughts on “How to update Ionic 2 cli and libraries”

  1. For me it didnt work, it simply shows same status. angular version same and needs to be updated, anything i should do exclusively?.

    1. This method works for sure. I’m using it quite often. Btw, you can try to delete node_modules folder – this could help in some cases.

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