Remote work in Crossover review, CA position

A lot of developers looking for remote jobs and Crossover seems to be a popular place for this. I also tried to apply there to Chief Ruby on Rails architect position. Now I would like to share my experience.

First of all I want to clarify what is Crossover. It’s a company which hires you for full-time (40hrs/week) position and re-sell you to one of their clients. Typically you have a couple of steps before you’ll be able to work there:

    • Make a test project. You have about 3 days to complete it using corresponding technologies.
    • Submit a project and wait to the interview
    • Pass the interview and come to marketplace
    • Be invited to the end-customer interview and be hired to his team

I started with this way. I downloaded the task and started work on it. This happened on Monday. About Tuesday I got an email from them that this Saturday the hiring tournament will happen online and I can participate to be hired more quickly. I decided that I’ll better complete the test task in any case.

So I completed the test task, submitted it and waited for feedback. But on Saturday I decided to take part on the tournament. Tournament was quite good, much better than many other such type tournaments, which usually contain non-relevant to your future job tasks.

Finally I got the 2nd place on this tournament and was invited to the interview. On that moment I already had some offers from other companies, so I was able just to work with them. But I booked Crossover interview to Monday and was waiting on skype in specified time. But interview didn’t happen – I didn’t added interviewer to skype and he didn’t find me, so I tried to find the way to re-book the interview.

I re-booked it and connected with the interviewer on Tuesday. But was very surprised – that guy only makes interviews for Software Architect position, not for Chief Software Architect. So one more day was wasted and I rebooked my interview to Wednesday.

On Wednesday the right interview happen. I passed all technical questions. Finally the interviewer asked me about my team management experience. I told him (BTW, this experience is not big, but it’s completely not about the CA position) and he said ‘your experience with team management is too small and we can offer only Software Architect position to you’. I said that I have better offer and I’ll accept it in this case. At this point he said that this is not a problem and it’s ok for me to work as CA.  Brilliant!

I was needed to make a decision in closest couple of days, so I asked Crossover to answer me something. They asked me to decline all other offers and accept their offer, they will definitely find me a project. Ok, I started to wait.

In a couple of days they provided me 3 contacts with the following results

  • The first one wasn’t happy with my timezone (I was living in Thailand that time)
  • The second one make a couple of interviews and decided to hire another guy
  • The last one spent about 2 weeks for interview booking, than make a second interview, where I understood that I’ll be hired to their team.

This story happened on October 2017.  I’m writing this post in February 2018 and I still got no response about the third interview or something (but I know that they were happy with my technical skills). But I got three things:

  • In November 2017 I got invitation to ‘pre-marketplace interview’. Once I asked what’s happening, it was cancelled.
  • In January 2018 I got an email that my profile didn’t correctly setup in the marketplace and it must meet some standards (which wasn’t notified anywhere before)
  • In February 2018 I got invitation to interview with hiring manager. But I don’t look for any full-time position now and will decline it for sure.

Some other stuff happened with me during the apply process:

  • I wasn’t able to connect my existing Payoneer card (I have one from Upwork). I asked support to fix this and it taken the whole week(!!!) to resolve this.
  • A lot of my emails to support left unanswered.

What finally I recommend. Never work with this shitty company, they don’t respect you as a person who will bring them money and they don’t respect your time. You can find the same (and in some cases much better) positions on Upwork or Job websites.

I wish this company to go bankrupt and don’t waste people’s time anymore!

4 thoughts on “Remote work in Crossover review, CA position”

  1. Absolutely right !!!! No ethics, no culture, most of VP & managers are so immature & dumb. They thinks employees are fool and will expect to work for 60+ hours and allow to track only 40 hours.They keep adding multiple managers for one things and finally you have no option than keep doing whatever you can and at the end loose job.

    No career growth and you will end up washing dishes in kitchen.

    Crossover for work is the another name of fraudulent companies like gteam, devfactory etc

    Salaries are way lower (50%) than market though they claims it as attractive and competitive

    Biggest blunder is Zero processes…Zero transparency…Full of shitty metrics that even doesn’t matter to measure work success but you have to satisfy metrics in order to survive their. Wait wait wait…even though your metrics are good, still you can catch fire and in no time you will be out…

    Totally unorthodox company to try out.

  2. the least professional interview ive had in my life. run for your life or youll degrade there

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